[VIDEO] Selecting the Right Repair Partner 103: FLEXIBILITY

You’ve been there….

When your MRO is really stringent on their processes and procedures, they have very little wiggle room on how things get done.

Yes, quality is incredibly important but it doesn’t always help you solve your problems or meet your operational goals.

So in this week’s video, I’m giving you 4 Tips to help you test the flexibility of your next aircraft part repair station partner:

One of the top qualities in an MRO is flexibility.

I don’t know if you’ve been in these situations but we, at Skylink, have over a decade of dealing with aircraft part repairs.

Our experience shows that it becomes a lot more complicated, especially if you have 30 or more repairs that you need done every single month. It’s more than just repairing a part; your repair station has to be a true partner in your operation…

The key is being a trusted repair partner.

It’s not just putting your part into a repair queue and quoting you. A great partner has to help you meet your operational goals.

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Ensuring your repair station is truly flexible is just one small step in the process. There’s a lot more to assess to really determine if the MRO is a true partner… or just another average repair station.

I encourage you to download a free report or check our past blog posts about repairs. Those are insightful reads, and will help you deliver the results that you need!