Why We Love Aircraft Material Kits (And You Should Too!)

Let's face it. Simplicity is your ROI. You want things to be easier.

Yet, you get pulled in in so many areas. It's hard to know what direction you're really going.

And that's where aircraft material kits can help you. 

They give you the opportunity to focus in other areas. They give you your time back.

Skylink, Material Kit

Skylink, Material Kit

Whether you’re a purchaser, maintenance manager, supply chain director, or even the COO, material kits make your operation and your specific role more efficient.

We love them! And so should you.

Here's why...

Faster Project Completions

A delayed maintenance check costs a lot of money.

One of the biggest problems we see daily with these types of projects is pre-planning.

Whether you're an airline or lessor who has the aircraft in the hangar or an MRO performing the work, pre-planning with material kits will help expedite your turn around times.

Now, that doesn't mean you'll be able to plan everything, but there are certain activities that can be done ahead of time.

Here's some ideas:

  • Talk with your trusted material advisor and give them your planned maintenance check schedule.

  • Compile a list of the types of aircraft and the pre-draw material that's used.

  • Have your material partner send you kits of this pre-draw material before your project begins and let them deliver on your requirement.

Doing this ahead of time is beneficial as it allows you to focus your attention in other areas while the project is in progress.

If you scramble to do it all at once there's more room for delays, issues, and unproductive-stress-induced-decision-making.

Save Money!

I'm sure those are your two favorite words. They're mine too.

By using material kits you save money on sourcing, processing, and chasing your material requirements.

You don't have to send out hundreds of RFQs, pull up countless websites, enter, send and follow-up on hundreds of POs.

You know what your recurring project entails.

A kit will be built and sent to you as you need it.

It really is that simple...on the front end.

Ease Of Use

Simplicity. Your next favorite word.

Material kits allow you to bring some simplicity into your chaotic aviation life.

What's easier than having one part number that covers 100 line items for a specific project? And it's all shipped together ($ave by Consolidating).

Do you smell that? Simplicity.

Enjoy it!

You Get Better Reliability

You're final 2 favorite words. Better. Reliability.

Those two words together are magic.

When you begin using material kits you'll see your reliability increase. You won't be scrambling to chase orders. You won't have to worry about something not arriving.

It also gives your material partner an opportunity to pre-plan as well.

There's nothing worse than you and your supplier frantically running around chasing urgent items. That's when reliability dips.

These are the very reasons we love kits. We try building kits for everything. It's a simple form of automating processes.

Take advantage of kits--we do.

P.S. Make sure to download our kitting eBook while you're at it. ;)