Warehouse Champion

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and allowing us to get to know you better. We’re looking for the next person who will be a perfect fit to the Skylink team. Is it you? If you think so, read the open role below and let’s get together.

Who is Skylink?Now Hiring- (1)

We’re a dedicated team working together to bring efficient supply chain solutions to international airlines , MROs and military aircraft fleets. We deliver this by following our “Never Forget Your Wings” mantra. Every day we help fleets remain in the air and avoid the complexities of aircraft maintenance.

Skylink started its humble beginnings in 1988 from a defunct airline where founder Jim Anglin was an executive. He started by providing rotable sales to anybody that needed them. Today we’ve molded into a supply chain powerhouse. We’re thrilled to work with dedicated airlines, MROs and military clients in over 30 countries. They look to us to streamline their supply so they can worry less about fleet maintenance and reduce the complexities felt by so many aircraft maintenance and purchasing professionals.

Where will I work?

You’ll work at our Skylink hub in Sanford, FL. You’ll have your own workspace and organize it with what makes you happy and inspires you. You will work daily with various Skylink teams, clients, and supply chain partners that span every country on this fine planet we call home.

How we do things happen at Skylink?

Here at Skylink we have no central management breathing down your neck. We have dedicated teams with specific roles and coaches to guide the knowledge base. Teams are able to make their own decisions as long as they involve people affected in the decision and people who have knowledge in the decision topic. We are constantly innovating and everyone’s ideas matter. Flexibility and improving is our middle name. We all work to maximize the value we create for customers and to create “WOW” experiences every step of the way.

What we're looking for

As the Warehouse champion you’ll be responsible for receiving material from our suppliers as well as shipping material to our customers. You’ll also be responsible for organizing our warehouse shelves to ensure proper stock reporting.

As a warehouse champion, what you do is the first thing our customer sees when our shipment arrives. Being methodical, paying attention to detail, and noticing problems and fixing them is huge.

You’re the first touch and last touch for millions of dollars worth of product every week.

Being in this role involves being a supply chain champion.

As an individual we invite you to be creative and innovate. We look for people that have this unique characteristic to join our team and you very well may be that person.

We strive for a balance of being a team that feels like a family. This means we share feedback regularly, support each other’s self-improvement efforts, and take mistakes as opportunities to learn together. Using your mind to innovate is highly regarded.

If you have a knack for design, like to communicate, and like taking on projects, you’ll be a perfect fit to the Skylink team.

What we value

We are deeply passionate about working as a team and going over and beyond for our customers. Creating “WOW” experiences, be willing to adapt and drive change, hustling and driving maximum efficiency, accepting problems and solving them, building a team-oriented approach, and having passion and integrity are the core values we live by. If you feel you embody each one of these then you’ll be an AMAZING addition to our team.


Technology: You’ll get hooked up with technology that’ll make your life easier so you can do your best work.

Salary: Base salary. We’ve created a salary formula that takes experience and seniority into account and changes based on this formula.

Vacation: Take time for you and your family.

Health insurance: You’ll have the option to take on our health insurance and every year we’ll take on a higher percentage of the payment.

Work-space: You’ll have your own work-space so you feel like a champion.

Be innovative: Take a portion of the time you work to be innovative, to come up with new ideas and to guide the implementation.

Be human: Feel free to be yourself, no absurd dress code and no policies telling you to be someone different.

Travel: If you need to visit customer and supply chain partners, travel will be taken care of.

Celebrate life: Every month we celebrate the birthday’s and get together over lunch.

Healthy living: We strive for a healthy mind and body. Nate Anglin has focused 10 years of his life to bringing this concept to the business world. He’ll help you navigate this often confusing topic for your life if you need guidance.

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