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The Top 3 Greases For Aircraft Wheel Bearings

The Top 3 Greases For Aircraft Wheel Bearings

How do you decide on the grease for aircraft wheel bearings?

I recently read an article about how some people, cough-cough, not you, were using automotive grease. From a cost standpoint, this was a great idea. It was cheap! But any old grease will not do.

You want something reliable.

Something that prolongs the use of your assets. And doesn’t cause "you know what" to hit the fan (it rhymes with fit). I’ve seen a lot of questions asking "what type of aircraft wheel bearing grease should maintenance teams use?", so here’s a quick little guide to help you.

The Easiest & Most Cost Effective Way To Manage Your Expendables

The Easiest & Most Cost Effective Way To Manage Your Expendables

Is processing your aircraft expendable orders like cleaning a toilet? 

It’s messy, time-consuming, and there are more productive things you could be doing. 


But whether you like it or not, these low value, high volume items are an important asset to your fleet. 

They’re crucial! 

Yet, they take up a ton of time. 

One Huge Reason Surplus Inventory Is Toxic To Your Results

One Huge Reason Surplus Inventory Is Toxic To Your Results

Do you hold surplus inventory for your aircraft material needs? 

This unnecessary buildup occurs when you order inventory in preparation for near term consumption.

When that consumption never occurs. Voila! Surplus inventory builds up. 

If left unattended, Its like a giant weight, smothering your financial results. 

Is Vendor Managed Inventory Right For Your Aircraft Expendable Needs? 

Is Vendor Managed Inventory Right For Your Aircraft Expendable Needs? 

It’s common business knowledge that excess inventory is a liability, but it’s also common that you can’t sell what you don’t have. Traditional inventory management approaches force you to purchase excess inventory to pad yourself against stock-outs, causing you to carry excess. You literally have to decide what’s worse for your business: running out of inventory or carrying too much.

The Stress Free Benefits Of On-Demand Expendables

Think about all of the aircraft expendables you've bought? Is it hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands? More than likely it’s hundreds of thousands.

The Stress Free Benefits Of On-Demand Expendables (2)

You've labored over cutting POs, making sure the part number was right, and ensuring you have the right condition, without overspending. Do you need OEM certs? Can you take NS? The demands go on and on.

With every order you waste time thinking about shelf life, overstocking / under stocking, and not having enough when you need it. You know, the dreary old AOG for a $500 bolt. You go mad just thinking about it.

Aircraft expendable procurement has become all to complicated. You stress for what should be stress free situations.

Making things easier is your operational priority, right?

Keeping your fleet in the air generates profit, fumbling over various expendable procurement activities is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.

The Benefits of On-Demand Consumption

Simplifying processes is key…

It reduces your cost, frees your time to focus on core activities, and reduces errors.

In a world that allows you to get what you want, when you want it, it makes your life easier to plan and coordinate larger procurement activities.

Heck, it may even give you more time to plan and negotiate aircraft acquisitions.

On-demand expendables allows you to stock less with a higher level of service. You know exactly what you have available, when it can be at your facility, all without the messy overhead expenses that inventories create.

You have complete transparency into what's incoming, what's on the shelf, how much you’ll use next month, but you do very little of the work.

With On-Demand expendables you simply consume the material.

Your partner helps structure the forecasting, ensures they have enough safety stock to avoid AOGs, and plans your future inventory needs.

All you do, is sit back and relax.

Simplify Your Aircraft Expendable Procurement

Simplifying your expendable procurement can reduce non-scheduled AOGs by 25% and reduce operational spending by at least 15%.

It all goes back to the basics.

You’ll need to do 4 things to get started.

  1. Decide what partner you trust. Yes, trust is a huge part in developing this plan. Think about who creates a “WOW” experience for you. 
  2. Run a simple 24 month report on your expendable consumption and share it with your partner.
  3. Come up with a short list of 5 operational issues you’re looking to resolve.
  4. Your partner will then propose 2 different solutions via video conference call.

Aircraft expendable procurement automation can resolve various aspects of operational inefficiencies. I know, I know, you love control, but this allows you to control more aspects of your organization.

Just think about it, if you never had to procure or stock an expendable again and could have what you needed, when you needed, what would that do for your operation?

P.S. We have an On-Demand and Just In Time program that can eliminate all of your stocking and expendable procurement hassles. For more information about these programs fill out the contact form below!