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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Aircraft Brake Costs

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Aircraft Brake Costs

Do you purchase aircraft brakes? Of course, you do. Whether you purchase, exchange, or repair brakes, a lot of time and money is spent managing this critical component.  The total MRO demand for aircraft wheel and brakes in 2019 is $2,500,000,000. How much you spend is in there somewhere…

Skyrocketing Honeywell Aircraft Brake Lining Prices

Over the last 2 years we’ve seen a price increase in older braking systems. Some Honeywell aircraft brakes have doubled in price; predominantly heavier, older metal brakes.


While most airlines are moving to carbon some of our partners are still operating older fleets, or they may just have a few active older birds in their fleet. They are now beginning to feel the financial pressure.

In 2011 an older generation brakes were procured for $8,000, but today it’s in excess of $16,000.

Not just a brake assembly supply / demand issue

The skyrocketing prices aren’t because the brake’s are scarce or in high demand.

It’s due to the fact that raw material for these brakes have skyrocketed. The biggest culprit is the aircraft brake lining.

Here are some comparisons to get this point across:

Honeywell Brake Lining List Price Averages



2013 / 2014

P/N 357403



P/N 357377



P/N 357376



You may be thinking that this is of course the OEM list price but lets then take a further look at distributor pricing:

Distributor Brake Lining Price Averages


2013 / 2014

P/N 357403



P/N 357377



P/N 357376



The issue with the old generation brakes is the raw materials used to manufacture the aircraft brake lining. The cost of raw materials has skyrocketed the prices for older braking systems.

There are several options you can take advantage of to cut your cost:

  • You can buy SV units with lower life remaining. This is only a viable option in dire situation where you can’t wait for an overhauled unit as overhauled units allow you to fly more cycles before having to ground your aircraft for brake removal and replacement.
  • Or you could simply supply your own brake lining for the overhaul of your brakes, or the brakes you buy outright. Just tell your supplier you want to provide your own brake lining to cut cost.

Currently Skylink has a few thousand pieces of the brake lining mentioned above in stock and procured back in 2012 when prices were stable.

The price for this lining is 60% less than today’s list price.

If you find yourself needing brake lining for your older fleet, we have the inventory to support you. This is while it lasts of course.

Contact Skylink support today and tell us the quantities you need.