Stop Losing Money To Freight Forwarders

You have an urgent requirement for an over-sized shipment. You need it shipped urgently but over-sized freight doesn't move like small parcel.

A phone call is made to your freight forwarder.

Skylink Freight

It takes them 24 hours to get you a quote and when you decide to schedule for pick-up it takes another day to get the package.

Not to mention the SLI, power of attorney, invoices and the hundred other documents supposedly needed.

Dealing with Freight Forwarders is painful.

Full of excuses

90% of all freight forwarders are designed and raised to make excuses.

Trust me, I’ve dealt with all of them.

You may have had an experience like this:

We needed to arrange the transport of a life raft that was HAZMAT. It was AOG and our customer needed it NOW. We gave a Freight Forwarder the details that morning and they said, “not a problem, we can manage this. "

We provided all the documents and arranged the pick-up. At the end of the day they proceeded to call us and say “Sorry for the inconvenience but because this is HAZMAT we don’t want to arrange the transport.”

Wait, what? Because it involves a little more effort they didn't want to manage the transport?

Ridiculous, but very true.

Build a strong relationship

We've dated and broken up with at least 10 Freight Forwarders over the past 10 years. They lie, cheat, cancel and make excuses better than most.

But don’t be a heartbreaker and end things at the sign of trouble. If you feel you have a competent well established company on the other line, nurture the relationship.

Take advantage of these simple tips to ensure the relationship with your Freight Forwarder is maximized.

Tip #1: Make sure they have history transporting aircraft material.

Tip # 2: If they don’t know what AOG is, end the relationship.

Tip # 3: Signing documents doesn't have to take longer than the transport of your material. You don't have to sign your life away on every shipment.

Tip # 4: Ensure they have offices at origin and destination. This results in better communication during quoting and transport.

Tip # 5: Deal with one account manager. Build a relationship. They should know all about your needs and wants.

Tip # 6: Your account manager should be able to email you back after hours.

Tip # 7: They should be able to accommodate special services like HAZMAT & Engine transport.

Having a strong relationship with a Freight Forwarder or a vendor who has a strong relationship with a Freight Forwarder is crucial.

For large freight they are the connection between the material you need and the destination you need it at.

They are the link between you and the world.

 Do you have a strong relationship with a freight forwarder? Or maybe you’ve had a bad experience. Comment