How To Properly Scrap A BER Aircraft Part

Have you ever scrapped a BER aircraft part? [CLICK TO TWEET] aircraft-part-scrap

You probably wonder what the MROs procedure is to properly “scrap” it.

Or more likely you wonder if they actually scrap it.

Questions race through your mind like what piece parts did they keep, did they turn around and sell the BER core for a small fee, what exactly happened to your unit?

These questions are normal.

It’s common for MROs to have a field day on your piece parts and that's why we created this video for you:

Properly scrapping an aircraft part

Getting rid of a BER aircraft part is easy.

Best of all you get to keep the good piece parts.

In this short video we show you one way to get rid of your BER unit.

Check it out:

As Skylink’s professional actors, Alex, Colin, Ron and Mark show you smashing your unit is an effective way to scrap your BER part.

Or you can cut it in half, burn it, melt it, soak it, or whatever option you chose as long as there’s no possible way it will ever be returned to service.

The best part is, you’ll relieve all sorts of aviation stress.

This is one reason we have partners from large national airlines to small regional operators taking advantage of the value we create in our repair program.

We know how to scrap, we know the value in piece parts and we know how to relieve stress.

Did you enjoy this video? Do you wish you could relieve stress like this? Comment below.