Believe It or Not, Fixed Rate Freight is Real

Thank you again for the overwhelming responses I got from my last post.

If you missed it, you can read it here.

We’ve identified a huge pain. Freight and logistics. It’s not just about shipping you something. It’s about having an efficient solution from pick-up to delivery. It’s about the experience you have in between. It’s about having more by doing less. Sounds crazy I know. Based on all the responses I got. You’re tired of inconsistent, lack of transparency freight services.

You want a logistics solution that’s not just reliable, that’s important, but also something that brings immense value to you and your operation. This is why we’re starting to handle all the logistics for our airline, MRO, lessor and military partners. Supporting your material needs is one thing, but if you’re having poor and unreliable service after we ship, that’s a problem.

This is why we’re introducing our fixed rate freight per kilogram freight service. Talk about complete transparency. All you need to know to determine your freight cost is the weight of the shipment. No hidden fees, no guessing. One rate, every time. This includes re-packaging, tape, or any shipping material you get gouged on from other logistics partners.

Fixed rate freight

Our fixed rate freight program get’s rid of all the guessing. It gets rid of transparency problems. It gets rid of you being nickel and dimed for people to simply just do their job.

We’re doing this because we know hidden fees and transparency is a problem. We’ve heard it straight from you.  

You may now be wondering what you need to do to take advantage of this. It’s simple:

  1. Email your dedicated Account Manager and let them know  that you’re interested in our fixed rate freight along with  your base station location.
  2. Clarify which solution you would be interested in: small parcel, freight, AOG, or $ave by Consolidating. You can choose all of them.
  3. She’ll reply with your fixed rate freight cost from our HQ to your base station.

It’s that simple. You’ll never have to worry about coordinating pick-ups or shipments. You just tell us you need a repair picked up from your facility, or to ship some items we have in stock and it’ll get done. Super easy.

Every day we think of how we can further deliver on our Never Forget Your Wings promise. We want to always give you more. As part of our fixed rate freight solution, you’ll get a dedicated account management team. They’re here for you 24/7 and it’s the same team. There’s no new team members for you to get to know. 

We’re all about building upon our relationships. You’ll also get a partner, me, who helps you organize your logistics network. Need warehousing? Regional consolidations? Guaranteed transit times to base stations? Not a problem.

Here’s an great example…

Save time and money

An airline we work with spends $5,000 (a rounded number) a week on freight costs. They ship parts from OEMs, MROs, vendors (Skylink of course) back to their main base station. If they need something, they ship it. We spoke to leadership and we all agreed that we would oversee their logistical strategy. After a few tweaks in how they planned shipments and after we implemented our $ave by Consolidating focus, they immediately began saving 25% on shipping and processing costs. This doesn’t include the benefits of being more efficient and avoiding bottlenecks. The value was huge. They not only saved money, but they save themselves a TON of time.

Now, I know you may still have some concerns and questions.

Addressing concerns head on

There were some replies to my last email raising these concerns.  They were “Why would you, a material management company, be successful at logistics too?” And “Won’t this get confusing and dilute the service you're able to provide?”

These are two very valid concerns so let me address them head on:

  • Why? Great question. We ship millions of parts every year. From gaskets to large engines. We’ve built, by economies of scale, a solid partnership that we rely on daily. We’ve gone through terrible freight companies to find the trusted partners we need to not only support our operations but also to support yours. So, although our primary business is supporting your material needs, we’ve identified a huge pain, logistics, and we’re committed to helping you overcome this pain as well. As time goes, we will be expanding on this logistical focus to include warehousing and many other supply chain solutions. This is just the tip of the iceberg as they say.
  • Will your service suffer? I get this concern as well and of course it's expected for me to say, no, of course not but let me explain. Everything we do whether it’s material, logistics, repairs, or leases, we are committed to our Never Forget Your Wings promise. So, when you deal with a normal freight company, you’re competing against pharmaceutical shipments, flowers, food, and thousands of other products being shipped. With us, we’ll only help transport material for airlines, MROs, lessors and militaries that have to do with aircraft maintenance support. Nothing else. So our service won’t be diluted, we’ll be super focused.

We hear your questions and want to answer them all.

What other questions do you have that you would like to know the answer to?

P.S. Next week I'll be sending one final email regarding Skylink Freight & Logistics that will introduce a special offer. This offer is only valid to a special group of people, and you're on our email list, so you're one of them. :)