6 Essentials For Every HAZMAT Shipment

What’s worse than an AOG? I’ll tell you what.


It’s dealing with an aircraft parts supplier who has no idea what to do. Even if they specialize in consumable distribution. Scary.

Yes, they might be certified (make sure they are) to ship HAZMAT, but are they competent enough to work with you?

This may sound a little harsh, but it’s true.

We’ve all dealt with our fair share of clowns. Ouch! [CLICK TO TWEET]

They cost you more time and money than you and I care to admit.

A few things to be aware of when purchasing aircraft HAZMAT consumables

Speaking of clown (the amazing, superstar kind), Colin our Skylink TV personality is going to share some tips with you.

These key essentials to every HAZMAT shipment could be the thing that causes your order to be delayed.

Or even hit the AOG status!

When you purchase HAZMAT material, make sure your partner knows a thing or two about shipping consumables.

As Colin said, the biggest thing to be aware of is who you're working with.

If you can’t reach your account manager 24/7 and they aren't there to resolve any problems that arise...move on.

Have you had problems with HAZMAT shipments? Are you in dire need of a HAZMAT logistical overhaul? Comment below.