How You Can Save Time And Money Using These Five Maintenance Check Kits

Maintenance Kits

Maintenance Kits

There’s a secret to keeping your sanity when dealing with maintenance issues.

Ready for it?

Maintenance kits! Typically, the maintenance process looks something like this:

We need 3 c-checks completed. It’s a mad dash through crazy land to get it done (remember that thing about sanity?).

From us to our clients and everyone in between, there was a mass scramble to have the right parts in the right place at the right time.

Everything… and I mean everything… was handled at the very last minute.

The ironic thing is that almost all of this scramble could have been avoided with some foresight in planning and a pre-draw kit.


Streamline your aircraft material needs, reduce lead times, increase aircraft maintenance turnaround times & enjoy a less stressful project.

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Maintenance projects will continue to come up. Next time there’s one on your radar, be sure to choose one of these kits to make your aviation life easier (do it for your sanity… PLEASE!).

1. Work-package Kit

The key to a work-package is that if you repeatedly perform a task with the same material, then this kit should help you accomplish the job.

It can really be anything -- a modification, work-scope, service bulletin, etc.

It’s like a crash cart in the hospital. You’ll have all the material you need, when you need it.

Each of the neatly-organized kits has all the part numbers and certifications you need wrapped up in one single part number.

●     Less time wasted sourcing, processing and chasing material orders

●     Save money by consolidating your shipping strategy

●     Reduce stress for the team by only pulling one part number

●     Lower inventory errors and stock burden

2. Pre-draw Maintenance Kit

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts

As an aviation organization, you definitely have planes with planned maintenance. In this case, you should be using a pre-draw kit.

Each type of maintenance requires a particular set of materials to be used. Rivets, gaskets, washers, nuts, bolts, sealant you get the idea.

A pre-draw means that you know the material you need before it even hits the hangar. These can be used to optimize your efficiency whether you’re an airline or an aircraft MRO.

For example, if you have a set of c-checks coming up, the purchasing team can order the pre-draw kits for this c-check before the plane ever comes into the hangar.

This results in…

●     Control over your materials

●     Less time rushing around

●     On-time delivery for maintenance projects

●     Reduced stock costs

Lower stress from a lengthy process of sourcing, processing, chasing and tracing

3. Maintenance Check Kits



Hmm… but how is a maintenance check kit any different than a pre-draw kit?

Well, you’re not wrong in that thought process. However, they are a little different.

Here’s the thing. Pre-draw is planned -- you know the project that the aircraft will go through and have a defined set of material to accomplish that.

With a maintenance kit, you have the pre-draw kit AND the project completion kit. Meaning, in the beginning, you get the pre-draw kit and, of course, you need more rotables.

Well, just then, you receive your project completion kit, which has all the material you need to complete the project (i.e. rotable, expendables, consumables and tooling).

By using both kits, you save time AND money.

The benefits look like this:

●     Less time and money spent sourcing, processing, and chasing materials

●     On-time performance

●     Reliability and Dependability

●     Lowered freight costs


4. Tooling Kits

Tooling Kit

Tooling Kit

If there is one thing you need in your arsenal, it’s tooling kits!

Why would you or a maintenance team lug around an inefficient tool box or spend money on low productivity and lost tools?

Here’s the answer, you shouldn’t!

Tooling kits provide the tools for specific aircrafts and jobs. Some common maintenance kits are:

●     Custom soft or hard cases

●     Custom cases with foam to avoid movement and loss

●     Aircraft overhaul set

●     Engine overhaul shop set

●     Mast mechanical maintenance set

●     Basic mechanic’s set (portable)

●     All-purpose mechanic’s set

●     Flight line mechanic’s set

●     Specialized military kits (i.e. electronics, airframe, sheet metal, etc.)

●     Commercial kits (i.e. A check mechanical & electrical, B-C-D check mechanical and electrical, torque tool kit, sheet metal, etc.)

Most maintenance teams use their own tools, but it’s important that they stay productive. It could be time to double check that they have a good set of tools or simply invest in a new tool kit.

5. Make Your Life Easier Kit

Okay, you’re right. This one isn’t real, but it is TRUE!

If you have a set of material and tools you use often, this is your chance to create a kit out of it.

Maybe it’s a CSD installation kit or a high usage consumable kit. Whatever it is, making a kit for it can actually make your life easier. 

Don’t Do This Alone

If you're an airline, MRO, lessor, or military, why spend the time building kits? You have plenty of other things to worry about.

Use a trusted material advisor, especially one who has a history with successful kits.

Then, all you have to do is order the kit part number and all of the parts will arrive at your doorstep, in a kit.

Take advantage of material kits today, save time and, most importantly, save money.


Streamline your aircraft material needs, reduce lead times, increase aircraft maintenance turnaround times & enjoy a less stressful project.

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