5 Huge Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your C-Check Material.png

Your aircraft is in the hangar. The clock is ticking. Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc.

Each second that passes, your stress builds. It’s a lot of pressure. From the 50 - 150 rotables, expendables, and consumables you need to sourcing, processing, chasing, and tracking. It’s all on you. What are you going to do about it?

Without a plan, you’ll be sure to waste time and money. And maybe from the experience, you’ll get a nice little ulcer as a trophy of how stressed you were.

Stop spending the $50 - $200 in processing costs with every PO, stop searching the world for a gasket, and stop being inefficient. There’s a better way.

And that’s where outsourcing comes in. When you bring in a trusted material partner who specializes in aircraft maintenance check kitting for rotables, expendables, and consumables, your stress and problems will be reduced. Of course not eliminated. This is aviation baby!

Here are 5 reasons why you should outsource…

1. You’re On A Tight Deadline

Every day you walk into the office, you’ve got a deadline. Whether it’s an AOG, stock replacement, or a c-check project. Whatever it is, you have a date.

It get’s hard when you have to procure so many line items in the next 7 to 21 days. When you source, process, chase, and track all your orders it gets overwhelming. And you still have to resolve the issues that come up. And you know, there will be issues.

When you’re on a deadline and that timeframe begins to close and more items are added, you panic. And when you panic, mistakes will occur.

When you outsource you’ll give up a lot of that responsibility to your trusted material partner. This will give you a better chance at efficiency.  

2. You Need To Save Money

It’s every purchaser's mission to save money.


And with your CFO and Director of Maintenance adding pressure, you become even more determined to get the best “deal.” So you source each 150 parts you need for your c-check. And by the time you get everything processed, you’re late, which becomes even more costly.

When you outsource your c-check material, you save more money than you could imagine. You save on sourcing, processing, chasing, and shipping costs. Your freight costs will see huge savings. You’ll have one shipment instead of 150.

You worry about the quality procedures of one company, not 150. You’ll have better control, more communication, and less stress. You’ll be more productive.

3. You Don’t Have Enough Time

If you’re like most aviation procurement professionals, you have no time. So how are you going to procure 150 parts effectively, if you have no time?

You’re not. You still have hundreds of other projects to worry about.

When you have multiple responsibilities and your time is stretched, something is going to be given up. Is it efficiency, time, or quality? Maybe all 3? If you apply enough pressure to a bridge it’ll collapse. Don’t be a bridge under pressure. Don’t collapse.

Outsourcing your aircraft c-check material, you’ll be given more time. You’ll have better opportunities to meet your deadlines. Your material partner is used to kitting for your type of aircraft and they have the stock to support you.

Have a conversation. Have confidence. Get back your time.

4. You Can’t Source, Process, Chase & Track Effectively

Think. How much time do you spend sourcing and planning? And processing POs and ROs? If it’s the 150 items for your current c-check plus everything else you need, it’s a lot of time.

Now add in how much time you have to chase and track your orders and you’re left with nothing. You have no more time in a day to do anything. And if you're like a few people I know, sleep is even questionable.

By taking on all of this yourself you not only waste a ton of time, but you also waste a ton of money. Processing costs, shipping, and the issues you’ll make from rushing, it all adds up.

After you outsource, you’ll see how amazing it feels when you can work with someone to deliver the c-check material you need. You don’t need to take it on all by yourself. Nor does your team. With a centralized strategy, you’ll see productivity increase dramatically.

5. You Can’t Keep Up With Your Other Projects

During your c-check, do your other projects begin to fail?

When you spend so much time on one thing you lose track of everything else you’re working on. And it’s fair to do that. It’s the most important thing for you at this time.

But why not be faster on both? Why do you have to give up one for the other?

After you rely on your material partner to deliver your c-check material kit, you’ll have all the time in the world to focus on other projects. You’ll have the peace of mind that your c-check will be taken care of. You know the cost and the time it’ll take to complete. Have faith in your partner. Work together. And have more time for your other projects.

Send your list of c-check material you need to your trusted material partner. Let them quote a price and lead time for the kit. Put trust in them. And get back time and money.

Are you undergoing a c-check? We’d love to help. Click here and we’ll be in touch.