4.5 Reasons You Should Avoid Your Aircraft Parts Supplier

Is the accessibility of your aircraft parts supplier making you go nuts? In a world where everyone is reachable, it amazes me that an industry full of "we're available 24 hours a day with an AOG line"  it's still hard to get a hold of someone regardless if it's AOG or not.

Inaccessible aircraft parts supplier

From not picking up the phone or responding to an email, to no extended hours and lunch times the last 2 hours, it's MADNESS!!!!! Are these aircraft parts suppliers serious? Some times I just want to reach through the phone and…

No client deserves this but it happens too frequently.

Below are 4.5 reasons you should avoid your aircraft parts supplier because their ACCESSIBILITY is horrific:

1) No Extended Hours

9:00AM - 5:00PM is all you get. If you plan on calling or emailing at any time before or after these hours, you'll just have to wait. Most of the time, you'll try contacting these aircraft parts suppliers at 4:45PM and they've already left for the day.

What does that say to you? It says they don't care and provide no value added service. As a client, you want accessibility. Most of the time you have an aircraft to keep in the air, or a $100,000 part that you've paid for and want to make sure your money is okay. Security is necessary and I know how you feel.

Many things run through your mind and accessibility is the only way to ease your thoughts.

2) 2 Hour Lunch Breaks

I know you've encountered this before. You call in to your aircraft parts supplier and you ask for "Dave". The receptionist tells you that "Dave" is out to lunch and you then ask for "Sales". She then tells you that "Sales" is out to lunch and they'll be back in 60 minutes.

Are you KIDDING me?

So no one in sales can help for 60 minutes. This tells us that they rather eat than service their clients. Yes, people have to eat but sales must rotate so the customer is taken care of in the time of need.

You deserve more than a lame "we're out to lunch" excuse. You should be able to call your account manager on their cell phone if need be, or email them with a response shortly after.

3) Odd Meeting Times

Do companies have meetings? I'm sure you answered yes. Now let me ask you as an airline, do you have meetings that restrict your aircraft from flying? Do you tell your passengers, sorry, our pilots are in a meeting we wont be able to take off for 60 minutes?

This is a common occurence with aircraft parts suppliers. You'll call at 10am and the receptionist will tell you that the entire sales department is in a meeting. So they essentially shut down their entire sales department for a meeting in the middle of the morning.

With such poor planning, we should wonder about the organization as a whole.

4) Poor Order Confirmation

Have you ever sent an order and never heard back from your supplier? You then have to call them 3 times and send 2 more emails to get a confirmation.

You just sent an order and YOU have to chase them around for confirmation. They should be happy to work with you and provide you with a superior service. Instead, they don't care and you're just another number.

.5) All Around Accessibility

You can tell you have  good aircraft parts supplier if they are willing to take your calls late at night, or email you at odd hours, especially weekends. If they care at all about building a relationship with you, your account manger should be reachable at almost every hour of the day.

Of course, you have to give them a break, but it's nice to know they're there for you no matter what.

When dealing with aircraft parts suppliers, it's important to know who is accessible throughout the day…even weekends. If they have short operating hours, crazy lunch and meeting times and don't confirm orders…STAY AWAY.

You, the customer deserves more. You deserve someone that is willing to help you all day, every day.

Have you encountered any of these issues with your aircraft parts supplier?