1:1 Interview with the most outspoken CEO in aviation, Patee Sarasin

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“I am working on something very wild, in such a way that the world has not seen yet”  - Patee Sarasin

In this exclusive interview on “Ask An Expert”, we sit down with former CEO, and current Vice Chairman of Nok Air, Patee Sarasin.

In 2004, Patee never imagined his unique vision for marketing Thailand’s newest airline would land him the role as CEO. But after taking a leap of faith, this advertising executive and gifted musician met the challenge head-on.

For almost 14 years, Patee has lead Nok Air through a number of ups and downs, dominating 25% of the airline market share in Thailand and building a brand that demands attention.

In this episode, we discuss:  

  • The birth of a new airline, the beginning for Nok Air

  • From creating a brand to running the show, how Patee became CEO

  • The growing pains of taking NOK Airlines public

  • How this CEO proved his risky marketing strategy and love of music could grow the company

  • What’s next Patee and the NOK way


Show notes with timestamp:

[2:11]:  Patee tells us how he became the lead guitarist for the PP Project.

[4:41]:  The birth of a new airline, the beginning for NOK air.

[9:24]:  From building a brand to running the show, how Patee became CEO.

[11:55]:  Fatherly advice persuades Patee to take on the challenge.

[14:00]:  The Nok Air brand becomes famous overnight.

[14:30]:  Nok Air grows as every employee focuses on one central goal.

[16:16]:  Complications arise as the company goes public.

[17:20]:  Nok Air grows again as Nok Scoot joins the company.

[18:20]:  Big growth brings big changes - shareholders, three thousand employees and more.

[19:17]:  After 14 years, Patee makes the decision to step down as CEO.

[20:50]:  What’s next for Patee Sarasin... Music?  Marketing?  Another airline?

[22:00]:  Who’s making money in aviation?  Hint: It’s not the airlines.

[25:01]:  Patee combines his greatest passions and leverages his experience in his next great adventure.

[29:03]:  Now, Patee is going to do it his way with his new company “The Nok Way”.

[31:01]:  Who is the new media?  See how marketing has changed.

[32:04]:  Doing things differently in Aviation, learn how to stand out in a crowd.

Key Resources Discussed In the Interview:

Nok Air:  https://www.nokair.com

Nok Scoot: http://www.nokscoot.com/en/

MAYA Music Festival:  https://www.mayamusicfestival.com/

PP Project: http://ppprojectmusic.com/th/

PP Project YouTube Playlist: https://youtu.be/6j37ya0fm5k

Patee Sarasin LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patee-sarasin-09793562/