All you want is to get your aircraft material on time, with little hassle, at a fair price. Is that too much to ask? 

We don't think so, but time and time again, you deal with companies who make it hard to talk to, who hide information, who are confused when you say "AOG" and who only care about their own results. 

How do we know this? 

Because we've dealt with the same problems. For the last 30 years!


Is this what you deal with? 


Lack of transparency


Bad communication

Lack of honesty

Hidden fees

Lost packages

Routine hassles


Why this happens...

There's many reasons for this. But the main one is they don't truly know the importance of aircraft component logistics. They've never dealt with an AOG aircraft, they never dealt with a lost $50,000 part that's integral to the safety of your aircraft, they've never dealt with a component damaged in transit that delays your entire maintenance check. 

To put it simply, they don't know what it takes to run a successful fleet. They only know how much weight they're carrying and how much to charge you. 

It doesn't have to be this way, there's a much better solution, right around the corner.


Today, you can stop putting the trust of your aircraft material in the hands of people who no nothing about your maintenance operations. Since 1988, we've helped operations like yours have the material they need, when the need it.

Since 1988 to now, we've shipped millions of aircraft parts. And for the past 3 years, we've been handling freight, for customers who request us to just deal with it. So they can focus on what matters most. 

Well now, I want you to meet Skylink Freight & Logistics. A full service freight solution, so you too can focus on what matters most. 


here's exactly what you can expect...

Fixed rate freight per kilogram, guaranteed!

No this isn't some dream. You'll get a fixed rate freight cost per kilogram. No more hidden fees, no more re-packaging charges, no more transparency issues. You'll know your cost, every shipment, no questions asked. 

A dedicated account management team, 24/7

You'll have the same ease of communication as you do with Skylink Material Management. You'll have a dedicated account management team, who sole purpose is to make your life easier. And to make you smile. 

Peace of mind integrations

You'll have the option to easily integrate Skylink Freight and Logistics with any of the material management services you have already trusted us with. Need a pallet transported for the C check we're handling? No problem. Need us to ship an actuator to your main base? We'll handle it. Everything is on us, you just receive the material and install. 

Backed by the Never Forget Your Wings promise

At Skylink, Skylink Freight, and Skyborne MRO it's our promise to be your wings when you need them the most. You can call us, anytime. We're here to make you aviation life easier. It's our promise to do anything and everything and be best partner for you and your operation. 

Getting started.jpg

There's only one step you need to take to get started today. 

Simply contact us.

Once we've met, we'll ask you 3 simple questions: 

  1. What destination are you primarily shipping to? 
  2. What's your desired ETA?
  3. Are you shipping small parcel, freight, or a mixture of both? 

And that's it. We'll then provide you with a fixed rate freight price, per kilogram and standard ETA to your desired location. 

Let's not wait any longer getting you the service you deserve.