Professional Purchasing & Material Coordinators

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Looking for professional purchasing and material coordinator who will work with high value, specialized aircraft material that keeps world airlines and Air Forces flying. Join a growing team planted in 30 years of company history, distributing aircraft material to world airlines and militaries in over 37 countries. And know every day brings a new and exciting mission that you can use your knowledge and skills on. Join growth. Join us!

You must be:

  • Experienced in a purchasing or sales role.
  • Confident - your ability to negotiate efficiently and effectively is a crucial strength we seek.

  • Meticulously organized and able to prioritize yourself and your projects.

  • Comfortable with technology and able to quickly learn new software tools.

  • Good at typing and entering data into various databases.

  • Reliable.

  • Analytical with sound business acumen to properly source and process material needs.

  • Thoughtful - You’ll need to understand how to work with the high pressure sales team. You’ll also evaluate how much we’re contacting vendors for pricing and reviewing ways to not “annoy” them is a systematic way.

  • Well Spoken -- Articulate. Can communicate professionally and informally over the phone, in person, and in writing.

  • Thorough - You’ll need to be able to speak with vendor base, analyze pricing and enter data into ERP system for both pricing and requisition projects.  

  • Relational - Building and maintaining trust based relationships with all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Resourceful - you always find away to make it work. Solution oriented.

  • A great deal of common sense and business sense. Understand at a practical level how the world of business works so that you can help the company minimize costs and exposures and maximize and leverage opportunities and relationships.

  • Maintain costs while ensuring we’re maintaining our deliverable goals.

  • Have a consolidation mindset. How can you group orders, projects, and data into blocks to streamline projects.

  • Systems oriented. You have the ability to see a weaknesses in a system and update it to be more fluid and efficient.


Responsibilities include:

  • Review incoming aircraft material pricing and purchasing projects and organize yourself to complete projects on time.

  • Plan aircraft material fulfillment through our project management and requisition software.

  • Source aircraft material with vendor base and enter quotes into ERP system.

  • Effectively and efficiently negotiate pricing.

  • Look for ways to consolidate POs while maximizing gross margin.  

  • Process RFQs and POs to vendor base.

  • Manage purchasing approvals through Director of Operations and CFO

  • Monitor all open orders and keep ERP system free of old and outdated orders.

  • Establish Net 30 / 60 terms with suppliers and communicate term needs with finance team.

  • Build relationships with vendors and OEMs in accordance to our core values and look for new relationships to foster.

  • Send vendor quality audit forms and update ERP and preferred vendor system with results.

  • Regularly update preferred vendor system.

  • Streamline purchasing and material processes making note of any bottlenecks and corrective actions.

  • Develop relationships with current OEMs.

  • Maintain OEM catalogs and ensure they’re being uploaded into ERP and listing databases.

  • Research new OEMs to add to our product lines.

  • Communicate with sales and marketing for new and updated catalogs.

  • Maintain and establish minimum stock levels for various product lines and contracts.

  • Monitor minimum stock levels and organize replenishment.

  • Ensure all inventory listing databases are updated with stock, current purchases and ROs.

  • Ensure ERP system is up to date with material information for stock items.


Think your the perfect candidate?