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Marketing Manager - Skylink

Seeking Virtual, Part-Time Marketing Manager Who Can Work From Home: No More Boring, Dull Days Stuck in a Corporate Cubicle

Gone are the days of dull, boring marketing where you sit in a cubicle and twiddle your thumbs waiting for a new and exciting project.

We’ll bring you the excitement. Every day.

Just imagine, working on new and exciting campaigns and projects from the comfort of your own home. Where you can wear slippers, sip coffee all day and work with a virtual team all over the world. That can be you, starting today.

At Skylink, we work with the world's largest airlines and militaries. A pure, hard nose B2B persona. And we are now bringing our B2B world to B2C, through JetFuel Coffee Co.

We’re also planning new and exciting brands for the near future.

Join a fun and unique company. Join us in helping us be our clients wings when they need them the most.

Job Purpose

As a Marketing Manager, you’re responsible for planning and managing marketing campaigns and projects for the Skylink Group. You’ll also set the overall marketing strategy and direction for various companies and projects.  

You’ll work with various freelance marketing team members who specialize in a specific area. You’ll lead, coach, follow-up and help these team members plan to ensure our projects succeed on time, on budget and with maximum results.

As the Marketing Manager, you’ll oversee wide-ranging projects that organized in Airtable and Asana. These projects range from an Editorial Calendar, Advertising Calendar, PR calendar, Event Calendar, Social Media Calendar, and a Marketing Team Management Calendar.

You’ll also be able to get your hands dirty with design, funnel building and writing projects, with whatever your skill set leans towards.

All planning and scheduling will be done via remote video with Skylink groups CEO and Director of Sales.

Join Us!

Listed below are some of the minimum qualifications & job functions: 

  • Develop and maintain the marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives.
  • Develop and support marketing campaigns that attract and appeals to the Skylinks ideal client profiles.
  • Create, maintain and update our client lifecycle.
  • Create campaigns throughout various stages of our client journey.
  • Plan and oversee the company’s marketing budget.
  • Maintain and track campaigns and conversions in appropriate dashboards.
  • Assisting in ideation, planning, and execution of the editorial and content marketing calendar that attracts and appeals to the organization’s various customer avatars.
  • Maintaining consistency of the brand by upholding the organization’s style guide standards on tense, voice, tone, and the spelling/capitalization of certain words as they relate to the organization.
  • Maintain social media presence.
  • Create and maintain brand template.
  • Create, maintain and update marketing Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Hire and train internal and freelance marketing team.
  • Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives
  • Develop relationships with media contacts.
  • Help design marketing assets (i.e., images, landing pages, etc.).
  • Lead new product or company launches.  
  • Manage various email addresses. 
  • A fluid knowledge of both digital and print direct marketing. 
  • Organized and can manage various projects and team members. 
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Demonstrated an ability to multi-task and meet a variety of deadlines.
  • Demonstrated experience in investigating and producing research-based campaigns based on client pains/needs.
  • The ability to use design software (preferably to create beautiful images that match our brand template.
  • Demonstrated an ability to work cross-departmentally with a sales team.
  • Demonstrated ability to build, lead and motivate a team.
  • The ability to use design software (preferably to create beautiful images that match our brand template. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work cross-departmentally with the sales team. 
  • Demonstrated ability to build, lead and motivate a team.

Please include your cover letter explaining why you’re the perfect candidate for this position. 

Hint: a video is even better and will guarantee an interview!

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