Get a DAR 8130 for Your NS Aircraft Components

Do you need good quality NS components? When buying aircraft components, you may have many questions.DAR 8130

Questions that doubt the quality of products, how it's being shipped, or if your actually getting what you bought.

This is why a DAR 8130 is important. It's your peace of mind.

Most NS items fall under the old but still NE category. We wrote extensively about NE conditions before.

We understand that sometimes you question the quality of aftermarket NE and NS components. Our  DAR will help alleviate these questions. It's a simple way to give you peace of mind and follow our never forget your wings promise.

Or to give you further piece of mind to meet governmental and operational guidelines. Our on team DAR will tag the aircraft components you need with a DAR 8130. 

Maintenance DAR

All maintenance DARs must meet these FAA requirements:

  • A mechanic's certificate with an airframe and powerplant rating under 14 CFR part 65, Certification: Airmen Other Than Flight Crewmembers, or
  • A repairman certificate and be employed at a repair station certificated under 14 CFR part 145, or an air carrier operating certificate holder with an FAA-approved continuous airworthiness program, and must meet the qualification requirements of Order 8100.8, Chapter 14.

Now, there's additional fees for the maintenance DAR 8130 but don't worry, it's minimal:

***Only $150 per certification***

If you would like to take advantage of our DAR service, just mention it to your dedicated account manager.

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