Do You Encounter This Aircraft Maintenance Check Problem?

You understand better than anyone that your aircraft maintenance checks are a stressful situation. Planned schedules often turn into a chaotic mess. But why is this? Why do you plan to end up stressed and out of control?

Aircraft maintenance check late finds

It happens every time and for some reason you just can't get it situated. You're not alone.

This happens to every airline and aircraft maintenance facility. Unforeseen issues and problems will always appear and there is no way to avoid them.

We've identified the major issue for aircraft maintenance checks and came up with 6 solutions to ease your tension.

Late finds

We recently did a poll and found that late finds during the aircraft maintenance check process is the primary issue during a routine aircraft C check.

There are many times when extraordinary conditions arise. Whether it be corrosion, spare parts procurement, scarcity, OEM bottlenecks, or component repair issues. This is inevitable and will be encountered on all aircraft maintenance checks.

For the most part there is enough time allocated to complete your aircraft maintenance check on time, but this doesn't mean you don't scramble and stress to find a solution for late finds.

Late finds cause complexity, stress, and unplanned activities. Personnel is often times understaffed and having your routine inspections at the same time being required to figure our non routine maintenance, such as late finds is an issue.

Aircraft maintenance check late find solutions

After our poll, we then collaborated with aircraft maintenance personnel and discussed the best solutions for late finds. The 6 solutions are:

Solution 1: Perform engine and operational checks at the front end of the inspection.

Solution 2: Open aircraft up and perform visual inspection and lubes before working on squaks.

Solution 3: Squaks get worked on only after the inspection is completed.

Solution 4: Inspect attached hardware and mating surface immediately after components are removed.

Solution 5: Focus on one specific task so personnel isn't bouncing around reducing focus and increasing errors.

Solution 6: Stay in close contact with your aircraft spare parts vendor so they're prepared to assist on short notice.

You more than likely have a running sequence of standard procedures that need to be completed for your aircraft maintenance check, which is great.

But being able to prepare for late finds and having a contingency plan is also necessary.

Nothing ever goes according to plan, so if you focus on what issues could arise, your life may just get a little easier when dealing with them.

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How do you prepare for late finds? Comment below.