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How To Solve Your Biggest Problems With Aircraft Material Kits

How To Solve Your Biggest Problems With Aircraft Material Kits

You have problems. Your lead times are long, your costs are increasing, you have no time and to “add the cherry on top”, you’re stressed. These problems are far to common. Yet, most stand by not wanting to make a change. Not wanting to be regain their time. Not wanting to become less stressed. Not wanting to save time and money. Let’s change that…

Why Titanium Bolts Fail – A Not So Common Cause

Why Titanium Bolts Fail – A Not So Common Cause

Two titanium alloy wing attachment bolts from a commercial airlines failed during the course of a routine service operation. And there was a series of aircraft bolts fitted on a landing gear assembly that failed within a few months of each other. This was a trigger to look closer.

Why We Love Aircraft Material Kits (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Aircraft Material Kits (And You Should Too!)

Let's face it. Simplicity is your ROI. You want things to be easier. Yet, you get pulled in so many directions. It's hard to know which direction you're really going in. And that's where aircraft material kits will be a major advantage to you.

5 Types of Maintenance Kits That Will Change Your Life

5 Types of Maintenance Kits That Will Change Your Life

Maintenance kits. Your best kept secret. They were put on this earth for one reason…

To help you keep your sanity. But you may be all too familiar with this approach instead... We had 3 c-checks needing completion. It was a rush. A mad dash to crazy land (remember what I said about sanity?). Us, our client, and everyone in between were in a mass scramble to have the parts they needed, where they needed them. Everything was last minute. And by everything...I mean everything. 

11 Common Aircraft Inventory Mistakes & How To Resolve Them

11 Common Aircraft Inventory Mistakes & How To Resolve Them

Inventory. It’s your best friend and worst enemy. Done right, it’ll give you what you want when you want it. Done wrong, it’ll waste time and money. Here are 11 common inventory mistakes you’re making and some tips to help you resolve them…

Stupid Things "Account Executives" Do That Drive Procurement People Crazy!

Stupid Things "Account Executives" Do That Drive Procurement People Crazy!

Do you hate when people cancel your PO? You put all your trust in someone and then, BAM! They cancel. They act like they care by saying “sorry for the inconvenience,” but do they? Things happen. Issues occur. BERs & AOGs are common. Our aircraft maintenance life is complex. Let’s face it. And it never helps to deal with stupidity from our sales counterparts. It makes the complex even more complex. 

The Differences Between a Consignment & VMI. Which Is The Most Valuable To You?

The Differences Between a Consignment & VMI. Which Is The Most Valuable To You?

You can’t decide. Do you need a vendor consignment or a vendor managed inventory for your aircraft material? These terms get thrown around interchangeably but they’re actually quite different. We wouldn’t call a zebra a lion now would we? Let’s take a look at the relationship of these two inventory strategies…

Processing Costs: What POs Cost You & How to Avoid It

Processing Costs: What POs Cost You & How to Avoid It

You’ve decided what you need to buy. Now, what? You madly process POs. One PO after the next. 1, 3, 150 POs sent, every day. This is all you do. Source, process, chase and repeat. It must get done, but… Do you know how much processing a PO costs your operation? 

Purchasing & Material Team

Purchasing & Material Team

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and allowing us to get to know you better. We’re looking for the next person who will be a perfect fit to the Skylink team. Is it you? If you think so, read the open role below and let’s get together.

Open Positions 

  1. Purchasing  & Material Manager
  2. Purchasing Coordinator
  3. Material Coordinator  

Who is Skylink?

We’re a dedicated team working together to bring efficient supply chain solutions to international airlines, MROs and military aircraft fleets.

We deliver this by following our “Never Forget Your Wings” mantra. We're their wings when they need them the most. 

Every day we help fleets remain in the air and avoid the complexities of aircraft maintenance.

Since 1986, Skylink has been providing material solutions to the aviation industry. But in 2008 we were reborn. We’ve focused deeply on innovating, relationships and customer service which has been the cornerstone of the Skylink you see today.

As we peak into the future, we are at an incredible point to become a much bigger player in the industry where our team, our customers and our solutions thrive. With 30 years of history behind us we are well positioned for years to come.

At Skylink, we only hire the best, whose values and commitment are #1. It’s your hustle, commitment and service to excellence.

And that's why we want you to join our team!

Where will I work?

You’ll work at our Skylink hub in Sanford, FL, right outside of Orlando, FL. 

It's a little more quiet out here.

You’ll have your own workspace and organize it with what makes you happy and inspires you.

You will work daily with various Skylink teams, clients, and supply chain partners that span every country on this fine planet we call home.


How do things happen at Skylink?

You'll work within your purchasing and material team with your own goals and objectives. 

But we don't believe in silos and each team has direct impact on other teams. That's why cross functional communication and training are very important here. 

Teams are able to make their own decisions as long as they involve people affected in the decision and people who have knowledge in the decision topic.

We are constantly innovating and everyone’s ideas matter. Flexibility and improving is our middle name.

We all work to maximize the value we create for customers and to create “WOW” experiences every step of the way.

What we're looking for

We’re looking for a go-getter who has purchasing and material knowledge, preferably within the aviation industry.  

These awesome team members ensure our material requirements are on time and on budget.

You’ll work closely with customer happiness engineers, content creators, dedicated account manager, warehouse and other supply chain champions to provide efficient supply chain solutions for our customers and potential customers.

In order to thrive and survive you’ll need to know how to negotiate, cut POs / ROs and the importance of expediting and following up. You’ll build close relationships with vendors and OEMs so a positive and engaging personality is infectious and required. We only breathe optimism.

You'll also work on re-stocking high consumption material, monitoring minimum stock levels, creating kits and evaluating material to stock. If you have a lot of experience with aviation material...that's a huge browney point. 

You’ll run into issues every day. Being able to accept problems and then solving them is a big point when working on our team.

As an individual we invite you to be create and innovate. We look for people that have this unique characteristic to join our team and you very well may be that person.

Being organized is essential and having a cross-cultural mentality is a must as we work with many people from all over the world. Even in stressful times you’ll need to keep calm and focus on creating the “WOW.” You’ll be tested to think outside of the box and avoid industry norms. Being organized will help you get through these difficult points.

We strive for a balance of being a team that feels like a family. This means we share feedback regularly, support each other’s self-improvement efforts, and take mistakes as opportunities to learn together. Using your mind to innovate is highly regarded.

If your not afraid to negotiate, your organized and you communicate well you’ll be a perfect person for this role.

What we value

We are deeply passionate about working as a team and going over and beyond for our customers.

Creating “WOW” experiences, be willing to adapt and drive change, hustling and driving maximum efficiency, accepting problems and solving them, building a team-oriented approach, and having passion and integrity are the core values we live by.

If you feel you embody each one of these then you’ll be an AMAZING addition to our team.


  • Technology: You’ll get hooked up with technology that’ll make your life easier so you can do your best work.
  • Salary: We pay competitively with room for growth. 
  • Vacation: Take time for you and your family. 
  • Health insurance: You’ll have the option to take on our health insurance and every year we’ll take on a higher percentage of the payment.
  • Work-space: You’ll have your own work-space so you feel like a champion.
  • Be innovative: Take a portion of the time you work to be innovative, to come up with new ideas and to guide the implementation.
  • Be human: Feel free to be yourself, no absurd dress code and no policies telling you to be someone different.
  • Travel: If you need to visit customer and supply chain partners, travel will be taken care of.
  • Celebrate life: Every month we celebrate the birthday’s and get together over lunch.
  • Healthy living: We strive for a healthy mind and body. Nate Anglin has focused 10 years of his life to bringing this concept to the business world. He’ll help you navigate this often confusing topic for your life if you need guidance.

Let's do this! Contact our careers team today!

Maintenance Check Kitting: What It Is, The Benefits, & How To Use It

Maintenance Check Kitting: What It Is, The Benefits, & How To Use It

If you’re not using maintenance check kits you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. An opportunity to save time, money, and even your sanity. It's quite possible you lost that a long time ago. Whatever it is, let me show you how to use maintenance check kits to your advantage.